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Commercial Enterprise

UDT brings proven knowledge to clients and companies across many commercial sectors. From financial services to manufacturers, and telecommunications to media and entertainment, UDT has solutions that simplify a variety of complex needs with experience and knowledge.


Federal Government

With streamlined federal budgets, UDT is adept at letting organizations do more with fewer resources. UDT has the expertise and experience, creating solutions for public sector clients nearly every day.



UDT’s solutions affect every room, office, or suite in the healthcare sector. From claiming solutions to research collaboration and even educational programs, we partner with industry leaders, simplifying the increasingly complex world of IT.

Higher Education

The U.S. is demanding a classroom that is both dynamically high-tech and fast-changing. UDT’s Higher Education tools are a powerful selection of tools and assets that assist your organization to do more. From production materials to asset management, UDT lets every classroom and office become a high-achieving instructional and administrative environment.


The K-12 mandate is to boost students’ learning while also meeting tight funding and education requirements. So in a way, K-12 is driven by IT and the information and the solutions it brings to the table. From front offices to classrooms, UDT’s solution lets you reach every student, simplifying teachers’ efforts and improving performance of students with all levels.

State and Local

Whether times are good or lean, municipal and state governments are obligated to provide good services and oversight. UDT’s wide array of State & Local Government solutions enable IT organizations of local governments to augment their infrastructure with leading-edge solutions that enable better services, costing little to no additional money.