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UDT's Collaboration services enable your team to increase communication and improve synchronicity, while strengthening your business technology. This includes videoconferencing, IP telephony, and instant messaging, all accessible via one user interface. Enhance teamwork between members from any location, utilizing any device and accessing any application.

Our Collaboration services let you reduce the existing costs of travel, real estate, and facilities. Start taking advantage of these benefits for your business, and accelerate your project completion time and productivity, while also lowering your costs.

Voice and Messaging

Unified Communications

At UDT, we integrate real-time enterprise communication services such as chat, voice, IP Telephony, mobility features, audio, web and video conferencing, call control, speech recognition with non-real-time communication services such as unified messaging. Unified Communications is not a single product, but a set of products that provides a consistent unified user-interface and user-experience across multiple devices and media-types.


UDT’s voice and messaging solutions bring effective and versatile “telephone” communications to any desktop or laptop, anywhere in the world. Whether it’s the office location, or a laptop or desktop, UDT’s IP Telephony tools bring many of the same features common to traditional services. IP Telephony, also known as voice-over broadband or broadband phone, also includes voice messaging and facsimile transmission.

UDT’s voice and messaging solutions bring communications anywhere business is, wherever you may be.

Collaborative Workspaces

UDT offers the ability to manage and collaborate different types of data. The ability to share and collaborate on important files is crucial to productivity across the enterprise, whether onsite or remote. With our IT ensuring security and safe access, your workers may enjoy the ease of accessibility amidst an efficient working environment.

Contact Center

If you want to get in contact with us, our team is available to speak with you to answer questions, resolve issues, and lead you to solutions.

Click here for a directory by department. Feel free to contact the department that best fits your needs.

For a more general inquiry, please fill out the contact form below. We’re able to respond to you Monday-Friday between 8am-5pm ET.


UDT offers the ability to merge multiple communications systems and channels into one. Our Business Systems Integration solutions let you combine component subsystems into one system, ensuring that they function together. Our system integration services add value, and also add new capabilities made possible from the interactions between subsystems.

Enjoy new speed and functionality borne out of system integration, letting your business be more profitable, efficient, and lean.

Visual Communications

Audio visual design and integration brings robust and engaging sound, video and graphic presentations to an audience in ways that are relevant and memorable. UDT's approach to A/V design and integration ensures that your message is displayed and translates the way it was meant to be. Whether on a desktop, conference room, board room, or auditorium, we're able to integrate multi-sourced video, graphics, web content, and stereo sound with a simple application that's easy to set up and run. After consulting with the client and installation, our A/V technicians will continue on-site and distance training on the system.

Let UDT create an A/V solution for you that impresses your audience and communicates your message.

Learn more about our IT Managed  Services and experience our security, inter-networking, optical, voice and managed services.