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Data Center

We know that businesses are being asked to do more with less nowadays. UDT has the talent to assist with these tasks. We’re adept at running complex, multi-faceted data centers to manage the flow of your data.

Our abilities range from behavior modeling, mapping the flow and usefulness of information, to IT compliance and change management, enabling a greater understanding of how resources are delivered, used, and recycled. When problems arise, our problem management solutions bring decades’ worth of experience, troubleshooting and building solutions, ensuring quick recovery and maintaining uptime. Additionally, with process automation, UDT works with clients to understand their processes, and build solutions that automate and streamline the functions of your business.

We give companies of all sizes a boost by providing them counsel to automating systems-based solutions. We advise and enable on automated IT compliance. These efforts realize a reduction of operating costs by managing a heterogeneous IT infrastructure for your business.

Management & Automation

Business process automation (BPA), is the strategy a business uses to automate processes in order to contain costs. It consists of integrating applications, restructuring labor resources and using software applications throughout the organization. At UDT we are part of the business process to help integrate your existing infrastructure and enhance what’s needed in order to create efficiencies for our clients.

Virtualization & Orchestration

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your data center’s cost and footprint, UDT’s Virtualization solutions may be just what you need. At UDT, we facilitate Virtualization across all layers of an enterprise. Our team’s expertise with networking and data centers is deep, letting us consider the many angles and connections that Virtualization has with your network at both desktop and server levels.

We assist you to optimize your management processes, letting them take advantage of the benefits that Virtualization offers. Our experience with data centers includes cooling and power optimization, enabling you get the most out of your server and storage Virtualization efforts. Our solutions are also tailored to your specific needs. We bring the knowledge of deploying, implementing, and supporting virtual server and desktop environments for many of our clients.

With our Virtualization solutions, our clients achieve the maximum flexibility of their IT organizations from an efficient and swift virtual environment. This realizes the maximum value of assets at the lowest total cost.

Unified Computing

Unified Computing is a next-generation data center platform that unites compute, network, storage access, and virtualization into one system designed to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase business agility. We help organizations accomplish more with Unified Computing.

Storage Management

At UDT, our storage solutions give our clients the storage they need and the availability they want.

Our solutions are built from a mix of innovative technologies. With our information-centric approach, we let our clients not just store more information, but also manage its value more efficiently.

The information-centric approach adds value to our client organizations. UDT knows it’s all about efficiency and reducing complexity, enabling a better next-generation infrastructure for our clients and their organizations.

Backup & Recovery

A business is only as secure as its data protection. UDT views backup and recovery as a vital asset to business continuity.

We work with leading manufacturers who develop archival solutions, then strategize with clients to assess their existing backup solutions. From this, we recommend workable and efficient solutions best suited to the client’s needs.

Solutions such as backup to disk, online archiving, and backup and data recovery management enable peace of mind about the data that organizations manage in the Digital Age.

Data Center Networking

With networking, UDT’s job is to make sense of all the LANs, switches, and routers, giving a business the solution it needs. Our network integration optimizes your information flow, virtualizing servers and reducing your data center footprint. UDT’s experience means we will be able to identify the best ways for your network to upgrade, and recommend the right mix of solutions for your business. With an enterprise network built the right way, your information will travel more efficiently, saving your business money.

Private & Hybrid Cloud

Businesses today work from the cloud. Employees log on from remote locations like hotels, homes, and client offices. Many applications are now hosted "out there" on the cloud, and are accessible from anywhere. UDT provides a robust array of implementation, migrations, asset management, and protective measures to ensure your cloud-based business interests are productive, secure, and strong.