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Education Solutions

UDT’s Education solutions are custom-made to help your school harness the power of technology in order to increase student engagement and achievements. Our experience working with public, private, charter and magnet schools of all sizes has allowed us to see first-hand how digitally-enhanced classrooms can improve a student’s understanding, interaction, and overall performance.

Our team of experts are ready to meet with you and discuss any of the following initiatives:

Digital Learning Convergence (DLC)

Education is shifting from one-size-fits-all teaching methods to more hands-on, tailored instruction through the use of technology. Digital Learning Convergence (DLC) goes beyond utilizing laptops and tablets in the classroom. It also involves engaging digital content for students to learn from and adaptive instruction that accommodates each pupil’s pace and skill level.

Read how our experts help facilitate digital learning. 


Administered by the federal government, the E-Rate program provides funds to qualifying schools that wish to implement affordable telecommunications and Internet access. Working with an IT partner such as UDT, public and private schools use E-Rate funding for a variety of purposes, from installing high-speed Wi-Fi in every classroom to providing tablets for every student to work on.

Find out how UDT can help use E-Rate funding.


With a growing interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, it’s no surprise that more and more schools are looking to enhance their classroom culture to encourage STEM education. Our personalized solutions can help teachers monitor and customize the learning process for each student individually, facilitating the development of skills in complex fields such as STEM.

Learn about our STEM-focused education solutions.