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Digital Learning Convergence (DLC)

You know that the way to keep modern-day students engaged is through the use of technology but aren’t sure how to implement digital learning in a consistent way that is easy to understand for all skill levels. Not to worry - our seasoned team of education experts will help you come up with a cost-effective solution with real-time analytics to track the success of the program.

UDT’s technology services, from private cloud setup to managed Wi-Fi, are the key to building a more compelling curriculum, allowing for BYOD classrooms and collaborative learning. Our monitoring services provide up-to-the-minute reports on how students are performing over time, allowing teachers and parents to step in and provide additional attention when it’s needed. Digital learning technologies have the potential to create highly personalized learning platforms while simplifying student data management.  

As a member of HP’s Public Sector Advisory Council, UDT is just the kind of knowledgeable and industry-leading partner your school needs to implement a successful digital learning convergence program. Contact us today for a personalized consultation with one of our education strategists.

Click below to see how we implemented the Digital Learning Convergence project with Miami Dade School District

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Four Steps to Digital Learning Convergence