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The global leadership and competitive edge of the USA in technological and scientific fields rest on STEM professional development, a process which starts in K-12 schools. If you want to foster an environment that encourages students to pursue a STEM career, you need a technology partner like UDT to make it happen. 

Increasing student technology literacy is of utmost importance in today’s world and to our company. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to accommodate BYOD classrooms, cloud solutions for schools, and individual performance reporting and analytics in order to allow the educational process to continue outside of the classroom. With our help, your teachers can monitor and customize the learning process of each student individually, facilitating the development of skills in complex fields such as STEM.

Of course, the adoption of education technology must be coupled with reliable student and teacher data security. A viable alternative to reduce implementation costs while enhancing IT security is to adopt the managed datacenter model, where a third party ensures your IT infrastructure will be kept up to date and in optimal operating conditions, all while enhancing school datacenter security. UDT can be your educational technology consultant, education systems integrator and managed service provider. 

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